Side Slider Windows

This easy-to-use window requires little effort to open and close as the lightweight sashes glide along the frame with ease. When closed, they offer an unobstructed view, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery. Centennial’s vinyl side sliders are low maintenance and easy to clean; the vinyl does not need to be painted and both ends tilt to the inside of the home for safe and easy cleaning. Centennial’s ENERGY STAR® certified windows offer homeowners improved energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs all year. They’re best used in openings that are wider than they are tall, providing a classic look with great ventilation. This aesthetically pleasing style brightens and frames a room and is most popular in bedrooms, bathrooms, and finished basements.



Add traditional charm to your home with grill patterns.

  • Located between the glass – no dust
  • Several finish and configuration options

Customize your windows for a charming upgrade!

Super Spacer

Super Spacer is a non-metallic, silicone rubber material used in both double and triple glazed units.

  • Separates the pieces of glass in sealed units
  • Allows the glass to flex

Preserve the integrity of your sealed unit and resist glass fractures.

Argon Gas

The inert gas, argon, is used to fill Centennial’s double glazed sealed glass units.

  • Colourless and odourless
  • Heavier than air

Argon improves energy efficiency by slowing heat transfer through the glass.

Foam Filled Cavities

Centennial frames and sashes are filled with polyurethane foam (like the insulation in food coolers).

  • Reduces heat transfer
  • Improves sound insulation

Your home will be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and quieter all year!

Cedar Shims

Premium cedar shims keep the unit level, square, and plumb.

  • Pre-engineered for consistency of shape and size
  • Contain natural oils to repel moisture

They will operate the same as they did the day they were installed!

Low Root Pan Head Screws

Centennial’s low root pan head screws are customized for installation.

  • Distributes pressure evenly on frames
  • Allows for expansion and contraction during seasonal changes

Maintains the efficiency

Except for three, all of our windows and both our front and back doors are now Centennial products. They are sealed and finished off beautifully; they slide open and close easily and they look great. The installation was quick and professionally done. Your installer was timely, pleasant, and had the installation done effectively. Once the crew had left, there was no sign that they had been there. We are so pleased with your products and installation that we are forever suggesting to our friends and neighbours who are in need of replacement windows and doors to contact Centennial!
Hugh & Jacky Essex, ON


How do I know if I need to replace my side sliding windows?

Here are some simple examples that may indicate it’s time to replace your side sliding windows.

  • They’re not energy efficient.
  • The seal is broken and there is debris or condensation between the panes of glass.
  • The wooden frames are rotting.
  • You feel drafts while sitting near your windows.
  • They’re difficult to open or are painted shut.

These are just a few examples, but if you’re experiencing any of these problems, it’s time to consider new windows for your home.

Can I open a side slider window from any end?

Yes. All Centennial side sliding windows are double sliders, meaning they can be opened at either end. This feature offers you more ventilation options because you can open one end at a time or both ends at the same time for optimum air flow. They also tilt into the home for easy cleaning.

Can I use a side sliding window in a basement?

Yes! Basements, both finished and unfinished, are one of the most popular places to install side sliders. This window type is wider than it is tall, so it works well in basements that do not have the space available for taller casement or double hung styles. They are also very easy to operate and do not require any lifting.