Fibreglass Doors

Centennial’s premium, high-density fibreglass doors are strong, versatile, and require minimal maintenance. Fibreglass offers the same structural strength as steel, but it is more resilient and cannot rust, dent, or rot. You don’t need to compromise aesthetic for practicality — they offer beauty and style as well as energy efficiency and strength all in one product. These entry doors most closely resemble the defined texture, look, and feel of authentic wood. With your choice of beautiful stains like golden oak, mahogany, cherry, and espresso as well as a composite frame, this style offers the same warmth as wood, but is much more durable and secure. Unlike wood and steel doors, they don’t rot or rust and the coating colour will not bubble or peel. As with all Centennial products, our fibreglass entry systems are completely customizable to get the exact look you want, whether that is a rustic wood style door or a modern door with decorative glass.


Forged Brass Hardware

Solid forged brass Centennial hardware is heavier and stronger than aluminum or plated steel hardware.

  • Offers increased security
  • Allows for smooth operation

Choose from over 100 style and colour combinations!


The jamb is the main support for an entry system.

  • Acts as the frame for the slab and sidelites
  • The transitional component between the entry system and your home

Ensure the opening is level, square, and plumb.

Coating Colours

Available in 26 standard interior and exterior colours.

  • Applied in our factory by expert coating technicians
  • Custom colour options are available

Choose a colour to blend in with your existing finishes or create a bold statement!


Centennial slabs are filled with a polyurethane foam that creates the core.

  • Similar to the insulating material in refrigerators
  • Provides insulation, strength, and sound deadening

Improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Low Root Pan Head Screws

Centennial’s low root pan head screws are customized for installation.

  • Distributes pressure evenly on frames
  • Allows for expansion and contraction during seasonal changes

Maintain the efficiency of your entry system.

Ball Bearing Hinges

Our heavy duty, ball bearing hinges are made of solid brass.

  • Stands up to daily wear and tear
  • Supports the weight of heavy entry systems

They will operate the same as they did the day they were installed!

From start to finish Christopher Cameron and the staff at Centennial Windows and Doors looked after every aspect related to my purchase of new entryway doors. Christopher’s knowledge, commitment to customer service and personal consideration made the entire process a pleasure. He truly listens to his clients. Head office staff provided all the ongoing information about installation dates and procedures. The installers were phenomenal. Thank you for a job well done Christopher, it was a great experience in every way!
Hal Medonte, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I use fibreglass doors in my house?

Fibreglass offers the beauty of natural wood without the need for regular maintenance and upkeep. They’re a great choice for entry systems on the front of your home, particularly if you’re looking to improve your home’s curb appeal — their natural wood look is a beautiful way to add a note of traditional charm to your entryway. Additionally, they’re very energy efficient and durable, so they can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

Is steel or fibreglass better for entry doors?

At Centennial, both steel and fibreglass entry systems are constructed from premium quality materials that have been designed and tested to withstand the demands of the Canadian climate. Both are beautiful in their own way; steel offers a smooth finish with clean lines while fibreglass provides a natural woodgrain look with an element of traditional charm. Both are very energy efficient; however, fibreglass cannot conduct heat like steel and is also more resistant to scratches and dents.

Can fibreglass doors be painted?

Yes. At Centennial, fibreglass slabs can be coated in one of 26 standard colours or hand stained in one of four woodgrain stains. Choose the same colour on both the interior and exterior of the door or different colours on each side. Whatever you choose, all colours and stains are applied by our expertly trained coating technicians before your product leaves our factory.

Do fibreglass doors dent?

If enough force is applied, fibreglass doors will dent; however, they are more resistant to dents than steel. Overall, they will resist both dents and scratches better than steel and when they are damaged, they are easier to repair and leave fewer visible marks from the original damage.