Steel Entry Door Systems

Steel is one of the most durable, weather-resistant materials on the market, making steel entrance systems a great fit for your home. An investment in high-quality doors saves you money on both maintenance, heating, and cooling costs. Our steel entry systems are extremely low maintenance and are designed to resist warping and rotting. The extra thick steel makes them highly durable, and galvanization provides added resistance to rust, cracks, and bowing. This cost-effective door system enhances the security of your home — heavy duty steel doors are very difficult to manipulate and open when they’re locked. Plus, they act as a sound barrier to nearby and outside noise. They are both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing with a smooth finish and a wooden frame. With a sleek and modern look, they are also customizable — their panels can be either smooth or embossed to add character and a personal touch to your door.


Painted Interior Trim

As a finishing touch, we provide fully painted interior trim.

  • Protects trim and jambs from damage and staining
  • Provides a completed look with nothing left for you to do

Enjoy the beauty of your new entry system!

Cedar Shims

Premium cedar shims keep units level, square, and plumb.

  • Pre-engineered for consistency of shape and size
  • Contain natural oils to repel moisture

They will operate the same as they did the day they were installed!


The skin is the exterior of the slab and is made of steel.

  • Steel slabs have a smooth finish
  • Fibreglass slabs have a woodgrain texture

Choose the style that suits your home!


The jamb is the main support for an entry system.

  • Acts as the frame for the slab and sidelites
  • The transitional component between the entry system and your home

Ensure the opening is level, square, and plumb.

Kick Plate

Kick plates are optional items that can be added to entry systems.

  • Attached to the bottom of the door on the exterior
  • Protects the base and provides a beautiful finished look

Increase the durability of your door!

Coating Colours

Available in 26 standard interior and exterior colours.

  • Applied in our factory by expert coating technicians
  • Custom colour options are available

Choose a colour to blend in with your existing finishes or create a bold statement!

Centennial was the only company willing and able to have the door, side, and transom lites custom made to fit a 147-year old entry system. Centennial was able to replace it with a system that went with our home’s style, keeping the old warmth of the farm house and giving us what we wanted. Right from the start, we were immediately impressed with Mark, who spent the time to investigate our needs, and the service department who made a custom template to give us an accurate quote. The installation crew truly really knew their business. Our custom entrance looks like a masterpiece, with a lot of attention spent on fit and finish. This room has been transformed into a very warm, comfortable, and bright living room that has now become the central attraction of our home. We absolutely love our new Centennial entrance system.
John & Ann Belmont ON


What is the difference between steel and fibreglass doors?

When we talk about the difference between steel and fibreglass entry systems,we are mainly talking about the door slab. Slabs include a skin, core, stiles, and rails. The main difference is with the skin, which is the outermost layer of the slab. Steel doors have a steel skin and fibreglass doors have a fibreglass skin. They both have foam filled cores as well as stiles and rails. The skin on steel has a smooth finish and a woodgrain finish for fibreglass.

Can I paint steel doors?

Yes. All Centennial steel doors can be coated in one of 26 standard colours, each of which is applied in our factory by our expertly trained coating technicians. Adding colour to your door system is an easy way to personalize the look of your home. There are several options to choose from; pick the same colour on both the interior and exterior of the door or different colours on each side.

Is steel or fibreglass better for entry doors?

At Centennial, both steel and fibreglass systems are constructed from premium quality materials that have been designed and tested to withstand the demands of the Canadian climate. Both are beautiful in their own way; steel offers a smooth finish with clean lines while fibreglass provides a natural woodgrain look with an element of traditional charm. Both are very energy efficient; however, fibreglass cannot conduct heat like steel and is also more resistant to scratches and dents.