Summer is coming, and so is summer weather. When the sun is shining, the last thing anyone wants is to waste the day inside. Blending indoor and outdoor spaces is becoming more popular with homeowners as a way to live life in nature and may even have health benefits. Connecting the indoors and outdoors can bring sunlight and fresh air into your home for day-to-day enjoyment and entertainment. 

Bringing nature into your home can seem daunting, but with proper planning and design, creating a brighter, airier, more beautiful home doesn’t have to sink the budget.

Transforming your backyard

When designing a transition between outdoors and indoors for your home, start by considering these key points.

Finding your transitional space

Understanding the movement through your home is the key to uniting indoors and outdoors. When you entertain, where do people gather in your home? Where do you most often move from indoors to outdoors? These natural paths suggest a perfect transitional space for your home.

Is your front entry door a barrier between you and nature? Incorporating glass opens the space and improves sightlines, allowing natural light into your space. 

What does that space look like to you? Is your perfect space an outdoor dining area connected to a kitchen or a lounge by the pool connected to your living room? Considering the size, layout, and architectural features of your home, what kind of space are you, your family, and your friends most likely to enjoy all summer long?

Eliminate the wall between you and nature

Swapping a solid wall for glass doors removes a barrier between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Glass doors also draw more natural light into your space, offer a beautiful view between the spaces, and allow easy access between two areas. Indoor spaces will seem larger and brighter, and outdoor spaces seem closer. 

Quality doors with windows or sliding patio doors are the perfect way to eliminate the final barrier between you and summer, and the right door design is the perfect cherry on top to a room design.

Complimentary design

A transitional space between indoor and outdoor shouldn’t be treated like two connected rooms. The right entry door can make the two spaces into one, while still protecting the indoors from any bad weather. 

Use complementary colours, textures, lighting, and materials to unite the two sides of the space. Shared fabric on furniture pieces can make the indoors feel more easy-going and natural. Using the same floor both inside and out will unite the space. Pick accent pieces and decorations that work in both spaces in your home.

Build your transitional spaces like outdoor rooms to make them feel like an extension of your home. Incorporate lighting for evening use, furnish the space for dining, lounging, or cooking. Design around large windows, to incorporate indoor spaces into the outdoor experience.

Bring The Outdoors In

Uniting your spaces through design can mean more than just choosing complimentary furniture. Incorporating greenery, houseplants, or a water feature into interior rooms and hallway spaces softens the edges between indoor and outdoor. Natural materials such as stone and wood bring a natural, chic look that balances the two environments.

Large replacement windows and touches such as glass and windowed entry doors will bring more natural light to your indoor spaces. It will make spaces feel larger and more open, and make the indoors feel more connected to the outdoors.

Choosing the right door for your space

The right door is not a barrier between you and nature, but a passage. Picking the right door design can be a way to boost natural light in your home, and offer energy-efficient, beautiful pathways that won’t block you off from a significant part of your home.

Entry doors such as Centennial garden doors keep the summer heat out of your home while letting in the desired natural light and pathway between your indoor and outdoor spaces. They can also be the finishing touch of a themed design.

When designed with thoughtfulness and intention, your home’s outdoor and indoor spaces can blend together to bring you the joy of nature and the comfort of your home all together. 

High-quality, beautiful Centennial windows and doors can help you craft a space that connects you to the outdoors, infuses your home with nature, and prepares your backyard for a summer of parties and fun. Discover what Centennial doors suit your home today.