Garden Doors

Garden doors combine elegant design with refined craftsmanship. Even if you don’t have a garden, they offer gorgeous and energy-efficient access to your backyard. Commonly known as terrace doors, this style dramatically changes the appearance of your home and frames your outdoor space. Letting natural light into the room, garden doors help keep your home well lit and warm. The high-quality manufacturing of Centennial’s products ensure that heat is kept out in the summer months and locked inside during the winter. Additionally, both the inside and outside panes are easy-to-clean. Rust and corrosion resistant, they come in many different styles and finishes to suit your home. We custom create the exact entry system that suits your vision and offer 26 standard colours or can colour match to fit your home’s unique aesthetic. You can even choose from different decorative glass options and stylish grill patterns.


Decorative Glass

From classic to contemporary, we have a style that will suit your home.

  • Customizes the look of your door
  • Many options available with matching sidelites and transoms

Enhance your home’s curb appeal and express your personality.

Ball Bearing Hinges

Our heavy duty, ball bearing hinges are made of solid brass.

  • Stands up to daily wear and tear
  • Supports the weight of heavy entry systems

They will operate the same as they did the day they were installed!

Forged Brass Hardware

Solid forged brass Centennial hardware is heavier and stronger than aluminum or plated steel hardware.

  • Offers increased security
  • Allows for smooth operation

Choose from over 100 style and colour combinations!

Coating Colours

Available in 26 standard interior and exterior colours.

  • Applied in our factory by expert coating technicians
  • Custom colour options are available

Choose a colour to blend in with your existing finishes or create a bold statement!

Painted Interior Trim

As a finishing touch, we provide fully painted interior trim.

  • Protects trim and jambs from damage and staining
  • Provides a completed look with nothing left for you to do

Enjoy the beauty of your new entry system!

In 2017 we decided our entire home needed updated windows. Matt, our sales consultant, was knowledgeable and professional. The day of delivery and install, as the team unloaded the windows, my husband did a measurement check and we discovered a discrepancy. We were immediately on the phone to Matt who came over to our house. There was no difficulty or dispute, Matt cleared up the situation even though we were expecting the worst. When the install team appeared with the correct windows, the install was very professional and timely – Justin and his crew were efficient and polite. We will use Centennial and Matt again for our next home.
Todd & Erika Orangeville, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between garden and French doors?

Garden and French doors are both types of entry systems, meaning they lead from the exterior of your home to the inside. The main difference is where the hinges are located and how they operate. Garden doors are hinged in the centre and come with a rolling screen door. They have one operational panel and a stationary panel that cannot be opened. French doors are hinged at the sides. They have one operational panel and one stationary panel; however, the stationary panel can be opened by releasing the locking mechanism.

Are garden doors energy efficient?

Replacing old garden doors with new energy efficient models is a great way to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Newer, ENERGY STAR® certified models have been designed and tested to perform to a higher standard than non-certified models. It’s important to note that any entrance system with glass will be less energy efficient than solid steel or fibreglass.

Where in my home should I install garden doors?

These are a great choice for any room where you want to seamlessly connect the indoor living space to the outdoors. These steel doors have two full glass panels that let in lots of natural light and come with a rolling screen door to increase the room’s ventilation. They can be coated in one of 26 standard colour options, so they can be made to match any interior and exterior colours that you have already chosen for your home.