Welcome to a world where your front door isn’t just an entry to your home but a statement of your style. At Centennial Windows & Doors, the journey to creating your dream door system is both innovative and fun. 

With our interactive Door Design Centre, Centennial bridges the gap between your imagination and reality, allowing homeowners to tailor their entrance to their personal aesthetic. So, how does Centennial’s digital tool work?

What is the Door Design Centre?

The Door Design Centre is an interactive online tool created by Centennial Windows & Doors. It serves as a digital platform where you design and visualize the perfect entry system for your home. 

The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing even those who aren’t tech-savvy to create a door that reflects their personality and style. Once your design is complete, you can save it, share it with friends and family, or consult with Centennial for next steps​​.

Why visualization is key to making thoughtful decisions

Visualization is crucial in the home design process. It helps bridge the gap between a concept and the final product. 

By using Centennial’s Door Design Centre, you can see how different designs and styles will look before making a final decision. This increases the chance that you’re going to love the final installation and ensures the end product aligns with the current aesthetic of your home.

How to use this tool

Using the Door Design Centre is straightforward. Start by selecting a door style that appeals to you. 

Then, experiment with different colours, finishes, and decorative options to see what suits your home best. You can mix and match various elements until you find the perfect combination.

This tool is particularly useful for visualizing how different designs will look in real life, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions about your door system. The tool walks you through all aspects of door system design. Let’s go through them below. 

Initial Layout

Take measurements of the area available for your door system. With the door design tool, you can choose the layout that’ll suit both the space and the purpose of your door system. 

If you’re looking for something grander, consider a double door, and if you really want to impress your visitors, add side lites. However, if you need a stylish side door which you’re hoping will be secure, a single door might be your best choice. 

Keep in mind, we’re working with your home’s current construction so not all configurations will work for every home. Centennial can help guide you to the best solution for your home.


You’ll next be offered a choice of fibreglass or steel for your door. Both these materials are secure but fibreglass doors offer a wood-grain look. 


Choose from the twenty-six colours and four wood-grain stains Centennial offers but remember if you find that none of these suit, custom colours are available. 

Consider the overall colour scheme of your exterior and interior so you can align the look while still expressing your sense of style. If you’re wanting to make a bold statement, now’s the time!

Panel Style

Do you prefer a plain, sleek look, or some classic detailing? Choose from eleven distinct styles from urban to traditional classic to down-home country.

Lite and side lite style

Lites are the windows in doors. At this stage, you can choose from various styles of lites, depending on the choices you’ve made so far. As well, you can choose from a wide variety of glass styles.


Choose from a wide variety of gripsets, knobs, or lever hardware to finish off the look and determine the security of your personalized door system.

Finishing off the design

Finally, choose a background that’s similar to your own home exterior to get a good sense of how your door will look. A stylish and beautifully detailed door can increase your curb appeal significantly. Whatever you don’t like, just go back and change until you’ve created your perfect entryway.

With the Centennial Door Design Centre, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking for high-quality doors that make a statement or a design studio experience that brings your vision to life, Centennial Windows & Doors has you covered. 

Centennial stands out in the market not only for our innovative tools but for our commitment to excellence in every aspect of service. Now that you have your dream door system designed, contact the team at Centennial Windows & Doors to get professional advice on how you bring your vision to life.