Owning a home allows you to truly express yourself because every design choice you make is a reflection of your style. Many people stop at interior design but your doors are the first part of your home visitors experience and should be part of your overall vision.

With this in mind, Centennial Windows & Doors offers a myriad of possibilities for customization for doorways, allowing you to showcase your individual tastes. Let’s take a look at various options and ideas available to help inspire you to create the doorway you’ve always wanted.

The importance of personalization

Personalizing your home is a way to create a space that truly reflects who you are and makes you feel comfortable and content. Choosing the right doors is part of that personalization and the part that the world sees first​. Whether it’s sliding patio doors that offer a seamless transition to outdoor spaces, elegant French doors, or striking front exterior doors, each choice is a testament to your personal style.

Customization examples to personalize an entryway

Centennial Windows & Doors offers options for almost every element in your door design. 


Your ideal door can take various forms, from a standalone door to a double door configuration, to a door with side lites or a beautiful sliding door. The choice between a grand double door or a sleek single entryway depends on the available space, the purpose of the door, and the aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve.

Whether you prefer a striking and expansive entrance or a more streamlined design, Centennial Windows & Doors has the layout to allow you to create the perfect door to complement your home and reflect your style.

Colour and finish

At Centennial, we offer a wide range of colour and finish options to empower you with the flexibility to match your exterior and style. With a palette of twenty-six standard colours and four wood-grain stains at your disposal and the ability to accommodate custom colour requests, you have the freedom to achieve the perfect shade that aligns with your unique preferences. Our commitment to choice and customization ensures that your doors will provide security and durability and elevate the visual appeal of your home.

Glass options

When it comes to glass options, Centennial Windows & Doors provides an array of possibilities to enhance your doors and side lites. Whether you’ve chosen sliding doors for easy access to your deck or elegant French doors adorned with ornate glass, our diverse glass options allow the natural light to grace your space. This adds a touch of beauty and enhances the functionality of your home by creating well-lit, inviting interiors you’ll cherish for years to come.

Steel versus fibreglass doors

When customising your door, the material is a vital consideration. Steel doors are known for their durability and security, offering excellent resistance to damage. They come in various styles and are low-maintenance. 

Fibreglass doors are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and available in styles that closely mimic wood grains. They provide greater insulation and are easy to maintain​​​.

Imagine a sleek, modern steel door painted in a bold colour, or a fibreglass door with a natural wood finish, enhancing the elegance of your home. Add to that a stylish handle and lock-set in a complementary finish, and you have a door that secures your home and speaks volumes about your taste​​​​.

Security and maintenance

Both steel doors and fibreglass doors offer excellent security, particularly when combined with multi-point locks. In terms of maintenance, both steel and fibreglass doors are low-maintenance, but it’s crucial to address any scratches on steel doors to prevent rusting​​.

Wondering how it all might look?

In just a few minutes, with our Door Design Centre, you can get a good idea of what your new door will look like from the outside. This design tool will walk you through the door design process and show you a rendering of what your finished door might look like. Get your creative juices flowing and explore various options with this fun feature.

Once you know what you want (Is it French doors? Sliding patio doors? Or new front exterior doors?), book an in-home consultation with our team and let’s take your vision and turn it into reality.