Spring is a season of change when many start thinking about upgrades to their homes, in both design like new window treatments and refreshing entryways as well as new windows and external doors for energy efficiency. If you’ve been looking at high energy bills, are balancing security issues, and are considering your home’s overall aesthetics (summer is just around the corner), now is a great time to upgrade. 

Another consideration you’ll want to factor into your upgrades is the quality of your window and door installations. At Centennial Windows & Doors, we understand that installation can dramatically increase your home’s energy performance, security level, and how beautiful it all looks. Let’s explore how well-installed windows and doors can make a difference.

Spring’s challenges with new windows and doors

We welcome the warmth of spring but spring also brings natural elements that are signs you need to upgrade your windows and doors to ensure your home is sealed against critters, moisture, allergens, and other issues. 


Springtime is prime time for bugs to enter homes. Properly installed new windows and doors can reduce their access to your home, ensuring no gaps or cracks exist where insects can enter.


Moisture can be an issue during spring, with increased humidity and fluctuating temperatures leading to potential condensation. Properly installed doors and double- and triple-paned windows prevent moisture from entering your home, which can help avoid mold growth and water damage caused by seeping moisture and condensation.


Spring rain can be sudden and violent and can penetrate vulnerable openings. Properly installed windows and doors ensure your home is watertight, protecting it from the elements and preventing potential water damage.


As spring temperatures rise, keeping your home comfortably cool without overusing air conditioning means savings. Energy-efficient windows and doors fitted properly can help insulate your home, reflecting heat and regulating indoor temperatures to provide a more energy-efficient cooling solution.


Spring is also the season of pollen and other allergens that can reduce air quality indoors. Windows and doors that close tightly can help keep allergens out, making the indoor environment healthier and more comfortable for allergy sufferers. Quality installations ensure frames are sealed adequately, minimising the entry of airborne particles.


As your neighbourhood emerges from winter, noise levels rise. From playing kids, to grass cutting, to road construction, spring, summer, and fall are the louder seasons. High quality and well-installed windows and doors can reduce how much sound intrudes into your home, making it the calm oasis you deserve.

The impact of proper installation on energy consumption

Energy efficiency means selecting the right windows and external doors—and having them installed correctly. When done well, windows and doors reduce the energy needed to keep your home cool and keep energy bills low, while creating a more comfortable living environment. 

Energy-efficient windows are about 20 percent more efficient than the average window, while energy-efficient doors are about 15 percent more efficient than the average door. ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient windows are at a higher performance level than standard ENERGY STAR® certified windows and can increase energy efficiency by 55 percent! If those high-quality windows and doors are installed poorly, their benefits are significantly reduced and may even lead to energy losses.

Ensuring your safety through enhanced security

For peace of mind and safety, security is paramount. You don’t want someone taking advantage of weaknesses in your home. Doors and windows designed with security and resistance to forced entry in mind will deter potential intruders. 

Correct installation further helps seal easier-to-access entry points, ensuring your home remains safe. Low-quality installation might leave your home with security weaknesses that leave it prone to intrusion.

Curb appeal

The right window refresh or new door can transform the look of your home. From modern minimalist designs to classic traditional looks, the aesthetic impact of new windows and doors is significant, leading to higher curb appeal and perceived value. 

However, if the installation has flaws, it’ll detract from the overall look. Even the most beautiful window or door can look off if not properly aligned or if the finishing touches are mishandled.

How to ensure proper installation

Choosing installation professionals is as critical as choosing the right windows and doors. Here’s what you need to think about as you make that decision.

Choose an experienced team

An experienced team of installation professionals will make the difference to your replacement window and door project. At Centennial Windows & Doors, our team consists of skilled installers trained to manage every step of the installation process, ensuring precision from the initial measurement to the final inspection. 

Opting for experienced installers means that your new windows and doors look great, and function perfectly, securing your investment and enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and security.

Look for social proof

A quality installer should be able to prove they’ve been in the business for years, will be invested in the community, be recognized by their community, have excellent testimonials, and be leaders in their own industry.

Centennial Windows & Doors has served Canadians for forty-three years with top-quality products and installation services. We are deeply committed to charitable support in the community and are members of industry and community associations, winning awards for excellence and leadership. Read all about Centennial Windows & Doors here.

The customer is first 

Your chosen installation team will put customer service first. From needs assessment to design to installation to warranties, your installation professionals will put you at the centre of their process. The team at Centennial Windows & Doors guides you through the process, and we have a lifetime warranty so you know your job has been done right.

Understand the installation process

Being informed about the installation process will help you feel confident about the work being done on your home. At Centennial Windows & Doors, we take the time to answer all your questions at every stage so you can make informed decisions.

After installation

Once your new windows and doors are installed, perform a thorough inspection.

Inspect the work

After your new windows and doors are installed, check for gaps between the frame and the wall, and ensure there are no leaks. Try all the windows and doors to see if they open, close, and lock smoothly. Verify the integrity of locks and seals.

Maintenance tips

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the glass, frames, weather stripping, and hardware, checking for air leaks, applying caulking, and making timely repairs. Periodic checks are important, especially after seasonal changes, as different weather conditions can affect the performance of windows and doors. Keeping up with these maintenance tasks will ensure that your installations continue to provide optimal performance and energy efficiency over time.

Centennial for quality installations

At Centennial Windows & Doors, we’re ready to help you into a safer, more comfortable and beautiful home this spring. Discover how our expertly installed solutions can transform your space by visiting us here

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