When we think about exterior front doors, we all have boxes we need to tick: we want to ensure our home is safe, that the door is energy efficient, and the door expresses our style. It wasn’t always this way. 

How doors have been designed over the centuries has been redefined from simple wood to the modern doors we see today. In this article, we’ll explore how door manufacturing has evolved, trends in door manufacturing, and how you can update your home with the latest in door technology.

The evolution of door design and manufacturing

Long ago, doors were basic. They were made from easily available materials, like wood or metal, and their main job was to keep people and their belongings safe. But, as time went on, people started wanting more from their doors. 

They wanted doors that looked good and matched their homes. This led to new designs, from doors with intricate carvings to those with glass panels that let in light but still keep the home secure.

Though evolved, these doors had their problems. They weren’t always the best at maintaining optimal heat or cold levels, which meant homes weren’t as comfortable as they could be. Some doors were also not that strong, making it easier for burglars to break in.

Modern door design and manufacturing

Today’s exterior front doors have opened a myriad of options for homeowners. They have the looks and they make homes safer, and more comfortable, and are friendlier to the environment. 

Modern door manufacturing uses new materials and technology to overcome the problems of the past. For example, they might be made from fibreglass, which can be moulded to look like wood but is much better at insulating and standing up to weather.

Replacement doors exterior to your home, like modern patio doors, have also seen big changes. They now come in styles that slide, fold, or hinge, making them perfect for connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Plus, they have improved locking systems to help keep your home secure.

Tips for updating your door

One way modern doors can improve your home is that they’re made to be more energy-efficient. When installed properly, modern doors are less drafty and provide superior insulation in comparison to older models. They can help keep your home comfortable without wasting energy, which is good for your wallet and the planet. 

Modern doors also come with better security features. This means stronger materials and locks that can make it tougher for someone to break in. 

And let’s remember how these doors look. Today’s doors come in many styles and colours so it’s easy to find one that fits your home perfectly. If you’re thinking about getting a new exterior front door, or maybe some modern patio doors, here are a few tips to consider. 

Think about the material

When choosing a material for your exterior front doors, consider both aesthetics and functionality. Do you prefer the classic beauty of wood but need something more resilient?

Materials like fibreglass can mimic the look of wood while offering superior resistance to warping, rotting, and weather damage. Alternatively, steel doors provide a sleek, modern appearance at a more cost-effective price point. Choosing the right material can significantly affect your door’s longevity, energy performance, maintenance requirements, and how well it complements your home’s architecture.

Consider the style

The style of your door sets the tone for your home’s aesthetic. Are you drawn to classic designs, with intricate details and rich textures? Or does your taste lean toward clean lines and the minimalistic appeal of contemporary styles? 

Your choice can transform your home’s entrance. When selecting a style, think about the architectural elements of your house and how your door can enhance these features, creating a cohesive look that elevates curb appeal.

Don’t forget about security

Security should be a top priority when updating your exterior doors. A sturdy door with robust locks can deter potential intruders and provide peace of mind. Look for doors equipped with high-quality locking mechanisms. 

Materials play a crucial role here as well. Steel and fibreglass doors aren’t only aesthetically pleasing but offer superior strength against forced entry. Additionally, consider doors with security features like reinforced frames and impact-resistant glass for added protection.

The most reliable hardware

Currently, the strongest, most reliable, and safest door hardware is low-tech and made from solid forged brass. This strong hardware looks great over time, making it a sound, long-term choice.


Energy efficiency is key

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important consideration. A well-insulated door can help maintain your home’s temperature, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which reduces energy consumption and lowers utility bills. 

Look for doors with energy-efficient features, such as double or triple-pane glass, tight-sealing weatherstripping, and insulating cores. And don’t forget about professional installation. Even the highest-rated door system will underperform unless it is properly installed. These features save on energy costs and contribute to a more comfortable and sustainable home environment. When selecting a door, check for energy performance ratings to ensure it meets your climate’s specific needs.

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