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We truly appreciate when customers refer their family members, friends, and neighbours.

To join our referral rewards program, simply fill out the referral form below with the names and phone numbers of the friends and family you wish to refer. Or, fill out the referral cards included in your 100 Club information package, give them to family and friends, and invite them to call us. For each one of your referrals that purchases from us, you will receive a $100 cheque or $100 donation to the Canadian charity of your choice.

To ensure that you get the referral reward you deserve, please review the full program rules and regulations below.

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100 Club Rules and Regulations

To ensure that your referral qualifies for the program and is processed promptly, please refer to the following rules and regulations.

100 Club Rules and Regulations

Our best business comes when our customers refer us to their family and friends.

Because we appreciate your recommendation, we want to thank you for giving us the names of your friends and family members who may also benefit from experiencing the Centennial Difference. To ensure that your referral qualifies for the program and is processed promptly, please refer to the following rules and regulations.

General Rules and Regulations:

  • Centennial’s Customer Referral program is open to all Centennial customers.
  • Only new Centennial customers can be referred.
  • Referring Customer information must be submitted when a referral appointment is booked or at the time of sale.
  • There is no limit to the number of customers that can be referred by any individual Referring Customer.
  • Existing Centennial customers cannot be referred for subsequent purchases.
  • Only one Referral incentive will be paid out for each Referral sale.
  • Any affiliated personnel (owners, employees, Independent Sales Agents, and supporting businesses) of Centennial are not eligible for the Customer Referral Program.
  • All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for Centennial’s Customer Referral Program will be resolved by Centennial in its sole discretion.

Definitions and Qualifications:

Referring Customer

  • A Centennial customer who recommends us to a friend or provides Centennial with a friend’s contact information.
  • An existing Centennial customer who is in Centennial’s customer database and who has purchased Centennial products qualifies as a Referring Customer.


  • Someone who books an appointment with Centennial based on a recommendation.
  • A new Centennial customer qualifies as a Referral.

New Centennial Customer

  • A homeowner who is entered into Centennial’s customer database for the first time.
  • A homeowner who has never had a previous appointment with a Centennial Sales Agent.

Referral Incentive

  • The Referral receives a $100.00 discount at the time of sale.
  • The Referring customer receives a $100.00 cheque or a $100.00 gift card to

Referral Incentive Pay-Out:

  • A $100.00 discount is given to a Referral at the time of sale.
  • Once a Referral’s order has been installed and Centennial has received payment, a Centennial representative contacts the Referring Customer to determine his/her Referral Incentive preference. Once determined, the Referring Customer will receive the Referral Incentive within 1 month.
  • The Referral Incentive is mailed to the Referring Customer via Canada Post Standard Lettermail.
  • If after 2 months from the Referral’s completed installation date a Referring Customer cannot be reached at either the phone number or email in his/her customer file, a final notice will be provided by voicemail/email and it will be his/her responsibility to contact Centennial’s Head Office to collect the Referral Incentive.
  • The Referral Incentive will not be mailed unless the Referring Customer contacts Centennial’s Head Office.

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Centennial’s 100 Club Terms And Conditions

Offer available for a limited time and subject to change without notice. To be eligible for the program, the Referring Customer must have purchased from Centennial. To be eligible, the Referral must: (1) give consent to his/her friend or family member to submit his/her contact information to Centennial; (2) give Centennial the name and contact information of the person who referred him/her at the time of appointment booking or at the time of sale. Centennial customers who have purchased prior to having been referred are not eligible. A Referring Customer cannot refer oneself. A Referral’s job must be installed and payment received by Centennial before the Referral will be deemed successful. Contact must be made with Referring Customers before Referral Incentives will be paid out. Upon confirmation of compliance with these terms and eligibility, a Referral Incentive in the amount of 100.00 CAD will be mailed to the Referring Customer. There is no limit to the number of Referrals a Referring Customer can submit to Centennial.